Meet Donna, the owner and maker of Flutterfly Teas 'N Treats LLC. Donna has always been passionate about baking and creating unique blends of tea. After losing her job due to Covid-19, she turned to her love of tea and baking to lift her spirits. Donna's passion for tea and baking quickly turned into a business, and Flutterfly Teas 'N Treats LLC was born. Today, Donna continues to handcraft and blend her teas using locally sourced organic raw materials and create her treats, including cookies and jams, from quality ingredients. Her goal is to spread joy through the magic of tea time and delicious treats, while providing exceptional customer service to her clients. When she's not blending tea or baking, Donna can be found enjoying time with her family and tending to her garden full of fluttering butterflies.

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Contact us today and let Flutterfly Teas 'N Treats bring a little fluttering joy to your day! Our hand-crafted, custom blended teas made from locally sourced organic raw materials and delicious treats, including cookies, jams, and snacks, are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.